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  How You Can Have Your Own Awesome Hashtag Marketing Campaign  

Do you use hashtags? Are your running hashtag campaigns? If you said yes, are they successful? Would you like to have more successful hashtag marketing campaigns? 

There have been some very successful hashtag campaigns carried out by a number of companies, but look around the internet and one that’s getting a lot of attention is the hashtag campaign that Travelocity ran. There are few companies that wouldn’t like to enjoy this kind of success. Let’s look at how you can have your own awesome hashtag marketing campaign.

#1 What’s Your Audience Already Discussing?
If you want to enjoy great success you need to know what your followers are already talking about. The best way to do this is to simply ask them and then let them dialogue among each other. For example, if you sell smart phones and you want to know what it is your audience is looking for out of smart phone then ask them.

#2 Use Low Barrier Entry for Contest Entries 
Make it easy for them to participate whether that’s in a dialogue or a contest. If you are running a contest minimize your channels. Pick two or three ways they can enter. For example, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Make it easy to entry by keeping the form they need to fill out simple and the entry process easy. 

#3 Target Their Behaviors
Targeting their behavior can really pay off. In Facebook you will do this by selecting them in the ad set menu. When you target their behavior you’ll enjoy the benefits. 

#4 Understand How to use Hashtags
Everyone is running around using hashtags but few understand their importance or what it is they even do, so before you decide to go hashtag crazy make sure that you do your homework and learn more about what it is they do, how they function, why they are so important to your marketing campaigns, and how to use them correctly. 

It’s in the Results
The success of your campaign is in the results you achieve. You can measure social metrics like engagement and impressions. You can also measure brand metrics to determine the growth in brand recognition. There are tons of factors that contribute to your success, but letting your followers have a voice and letting followers inspire other followers can make a huge difference in the success of your marketing campaign. 

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